Sunday, 15 July 2012

Le Trig Francais

Well, hardly. My daughter has a French pen friend over this week so in honour of l'entente cordiale I decided that she needed to see a British trig. OK, I'm a bad liar, we just happened to be in North Devon and I found a few I hadn't yet bagged... We visited my family who are staying in a holiday cottage near Hartland Point. My brother, daughter, said pen friend and I marched off towards Hardisworthy this afternoon, a mere 1.5km from their property. The views across to Lundy were fab as (hold your breath Brits) but the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Neither of the teenagers had trig bagging appropriate footwear on so turned back once we struck off across field and came across a bog. It then eluded my brother.
12 07 15 Stile Puddle
So I strode off alone. I very much liked the marked out footpath.
12 07 15 Clear path
But the trig was far more elusive.
12 07 15 TP3615 - Hardisworthy Trig
You can just about see if under the ivy.

And the other side...
12 07 15 TP3615 - Hardisworthy Trig
Needless to say I didn't get the flush bracket number.

And to finish a humerous, if not slightly frustrating, story with teenagers. I sent my daughter off to find the Bideford map last night from our map collection. "I need a Landranger," I said, "1:50 as we don't have a larger scale of that area" I called through to the lounge. "I need 190 please". A few minutes later she returns empty handed. "What has happened to map sheet 190?" I asked? "Oh," she exclaimed, "you mean number 190? I was looking for a scale 1:90 (1 to 90) but could only find 1:25 or 1:50 thousands." Oh my word. My daughter is looking for a 1:90 000 OS map sheet. I really am a failure aren't I?

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