Sunday, 8 July 2012

After the Rain

Went down to see Sid the River today to see how it he was fairing after yesterday's floods. From images I've seen he was as high as 1.8m against this guage and circa 1m below the footbridge.
12 07 08 River Sid
I wonder how the people feel who have just bought the house on the far side of the river. Especially noting that next door's garden wall has fallen into the river.
12 07 08 River Sid
12 07 08 River Sid
There was a helpful sign up saying "ford closed" but I'd like to think most people got that anyway.

Cracked open a birthday present this afternoon, a scratch off map of the world. It's not terribly geographically correct but who cares (perhaps I do just a tincy bit?).
12 07 08 Travelled world
No Maldives to scratch off so just as well I haven't been there. Bit miffed I couldn't chalk off Tristan da Cunha though. And dithered about Hawaii. I've been to the US so gleefully rubbed most of the states off but couldn't quite bring myself to scratch off something that isn't on the same continental shelf as the rest of the USA. Also not sure if I can scratch off Antarctica as I've been to Signy Island , but didn't step foot on it. My girls helped but after China and Australia (I did Canada and US) they are looking forward to me travelling to smaller countries the future. To that note I realise I hadn't yet visitied Luxembourg. Must do.

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