Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sun, Sea and Bike Wheels

Dragged my husband out for a trip to Teignmouth today.  The bribe, apart from spending time with me of course, was coffee by the sea.  He's been quite poorly recently and I suspect his defences were down.  He doesn't usually trig bag with me.

First off then was a surface block near Teignmouth Golf course.  Roger found it first (grrr).  They really aren't much to look at but as they are so much harder to find than trig pillars I get my kicks from the discovery.
12 11 10 TP0342 - Haldon Car Park Bolt
Next was Teignmouth Lighthouse - an intersected point.  It's only 6m high and has never had a keeper.  "So how can it be called a Lighthouse then?" queried Rog, "if no-one has ever lived in it".  Ah, trig hunting with a scientist.  I knew I should have left him at home.
12 11 10 TP9881 - Teignmouth Lighthouse (2)
He quite liked the bike wheel arty things though.
12 11 10 TP9881 - Teignmouth Lighthouse Bike Art
We headed off to find a surface bolt, literally tripping over an EA Benchmark in the process.
12 11 10 EA BM at Teignmouth
These surface bolts really aren't things of beauty are they?
12 11 10 TP7704 - The Point Bolt
After coffee we headed to the Parson and Clerk.  A very squelchy looking surface block.
12 11 10 TP7817 - The Parson and Clerk Bolt
12 11 10 TP7817 - The Parson and Clerk Bolt
But truly wonderful views across to the Exe Estuary.
12 11 10 TP7817 - The Parson and Clerk View
And, Ken, this is for you.
12 11 10 Hall Lane in Holcombe
We then had an abortive attempt to find a trig at Burrows Reservoir near Dawlish (gates locked) and an unsuccessful surface block hunt on a hill.  Stunning views again mind you.
12 11 10 View from Dawlish Hill
Rog is out all day tomorrow.  Looks like I'm going to harrass teenagers if I want trig pillar hunt company.

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