Thursday, 22 November 2012

Trig by Night

Have recently been up in Edinburgh for the RICS General Assembly and Governing Council.  I was only able to attend one day as I had to fly back to run a series of meetings and therefore missed the celebration of Robert Burns being awarded FRICS - posthumously of course.  In between finishing the General Assembly (1655) and leaving for the airport (1715) I was filmed for an RICS podcast. If it's any good I may even blog it.

I took the opportunity to fly up a day early and see a few sights, most notably the Royal Yacht Britannia and Edinburgh Castle.
 12 11 17 Britannia at Leith
Had a good loiter on their bridge.  Fascinated by the fading to this chart.  I've never seen that before but then you're not meant to leave a chart in the same place on a bridge for years.
 12 11 17 Britannia at Leith
A busman's holiday.
 12 11 17 Britannia at Leith
12 11 17 Britannia at Leith
A beautiful ship.
12 11 17 Britannia at Leith
It wouldn't be right, though, if I didn't bag a trig and this was the first one I've ever collected in the dark.  It's on a lovely wee hill (Calton) just off the main shopping thoroughfare surrounded by a canon, observatory and a monument which looks half built.  A quick google search shows that indeed it really is only half built - the National Monument.
12 11 17 TP1881 - Calton Hill Trig
The next day, enroute to the Castle, espied this little beauty.  One of those rare BMs with bolt which looked a bit like a lump of chewing gum until I investigated further.
12 11 18 BM near Edinburgh Castle

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