Saturday, 23 March 2013


I've just been in Istanbul for a week with work. During this time we popped over to Asia and visited the Turkish Hydrographic Office.
13 03 19 Turkish HO
I hadn't realised but Piri Reis is their local hero.
13 03 19 Piri Reis
And I'm not surprised with a chart like this.
13 03 19 Piri Reis chart
I was delighted to have been presented with an English translation of his chart.

The Turkish HO is positioned on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. With views like this I'm gobsmacked they manage to get any work done.
13 03 19 Bosphorus looking to Europe
We spent a good while watching the tankers come down from the Black Sea.
13 03 19 Tankers in Bosphorus
Back to geeky bits. A display in the Turkish office.
13 03 19 Turkish HO
My oceanographic vibes woke up with these...
13 03 19 Turkish HO
But I really got excited (OK, sadly) by these light shades!
13 03 19 Turkish HO lamp

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