Sunday, 8 September 2013

Babbacombe Trigs

Decided I needed a bout of trig hunting today.

First off found The Beacon which is just south of Teignmouth.  An easy bag - helped by the now familiar well worn path up through the hedge to the trig - and some wonderful views across the bay.
13 09 08 TP6351 - The Beacon (5)
13 09 08 TP6351 - The Beacon (2)
Looking north towards the River Teign.
13 09 08 TP6351 - The Beacon (4)
Happy days.
13 09 08 TP6351 - The Beacon (3)
Next we drove to Watcombe walking south and bagged this golf course trig pillar, Easterfield.  I never linger at these types of trigs conscious that a stray ball may be coming my way.
13 09 08 TP3009 - Easterfield (2)
And our last trig was Petit Tor.  I thought it was helpful previous trig hunters who had created such an easy scramble up to this.  But as I passed condom packets and a pair of pants hung in the tree I quickly realised that trig hunters are probably the lesser of the traffic up this path.  I shall spare you the photos!

The trig is at a beautiful spot.
 13 09 08 TP5430 - Petit Tor (2)
13 09 08 TP5430 - Petit Tor (4)
Annoyed at some earlier picnickers there who left their McDonalds rubbish in a carrier bag hanging off the trig.  Lazy idiots. Who on earth do they think is going to sweep buy and collect their gash for them?  We took it down (thanks Rog).

Ah well, beautiful views in the sun.
13 09 08 TP5430 - Petit Tor (5)
 I'd considered bagging more but it started to rain and I was wondering if I'd stretched teenage patience enough for one day.

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charles said...

sounds like Petit Tor should be renamed Shagging Tor Trig!! We could counterbalance that by twinning it with Shining Tor trig on the Marilyn summit above Macclesfield!!