Thursday, 5 September 2013

Few French Findings

I have just returned from a holiday in France.  Sadly not much geo collateral to report.  I surprisingly didn't trip over the cobbles of Annecy as I wandered around, my gaze not at the beautiful buildings or even objects (usually people) in front of me, but focused on a point approximately 10cm up walls, buildings and corners searching for bench marks.  There are lots of interesting disks nailed to walls at said height but they all seem related to utilities.  I really should do my homework in advance and see if the nation I'm visiting actually uses buildings for control of height.  Would save me the bother I suppose. But then I'm so tuned into this 10cm up-from-the-pavement purview that I look for benchmarks everywhere, including inside buildings, brand new shopping centres, supermarkets etc.

When I did look up I saw this lovely sign. It looks pretty old to me which makes me wonder when France adopted the metric system.
13 08 22 Annecy (3)
41km and 8 hours to Geneva suggests a slow travel method.  Horse?

I did eventually strike lucky on a walk up the Taillefer Ridge.  OK this wee trig isn't going to win any beauty contests but it's a control point none-the-less and it deserves to be blogged.
13 08 27 2- Tallefer Ridge (4)
No other markings on it.

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