Sunday, 13 April 2014


I finished my walk along the South West Coast Path early yesterday and had an hour to kill in Combe Martin.  I found this fine example of a binnacle in a local pub.
14 04 12 SWCP Day 3 (32) Binnacle
I haven't really poked around one of these before and I was peering at it a chap joined me and started explaining it to me.  For sure I get the navgation/compass/deviation bit but hadn't realised the point of the balls on either side.  Of course, used to calibrate the compass.  And I liked the candle holder.

It turned out that the chap chatting with me is an ex RN Submariner, last serving on one of the Polaris Resolute (or something beginning with R) boats.  Nice to chat with him.

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