Sunday, 20 April 2014

When is a Trig Pillar Not a Trig Pillar?

...When it's sitting in a sea wall in Plymouth.

I noted that a fellow trig bagger had found this recently and couldn't believe I'd never seen it.  Not only have I lived in Plymouth for a year but I have frequently walked along the sea wall between the Hoe and the Barbican.
14 04 17 TP7586 - Sea Wall Plymouth (2)
So here it is, TP7586, just above a "no tombstoning" sign.  You can't miss it; the sign that is.
14 04 17 TP7586 - Sea Wall Plymouth (5)
It has wonderful views across to Mount Batten and, as it's not actually true sea wall, has 360 deg access for the surveyor without having to resort to ropes to take a round of angles from the seaward side of the wall.

I have also never come across a trig pillar with its own cafe, Duttons.  So we sat in the adjacent garden drinking coffee, eating scones (this is Devon after all), enjoying the sun, ships, sea and spider of course.
14 04 17 TP7586 - Sea Wall and coffee

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