Saturday, 18 July 2015

Kindred Spirits

Earlier this month I received an unsolicited email from a name I didn't recognise.  He sent me photos of a long range lamp he'd purchased at an Army and Navy store in Oxford a few years ago.
20150701 Army and Navy lamp
20150701 Army and Navy lamp 2
I thanked him and asked how he came by me.  It appears that Morgan Ford has stumbled across my blog and decided I'd appreciate the images.  I do indeed.

It turns out that Morgan is a bit of a trig spotter too.  One of his hobbies, apart from buying survey equipment, is locating  National Geodetic Survey and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers survey markers.  And he sent me a photo of a U.S. survey marker near San Francisco, CA.
How wonderful - more arm chair bagging.  Thank you Morgan!

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