Sunday, 19 July 2015

Zero Longitude - Zero Latitude

In the last couple of weeks I have managed to cross both the Greenwich Meridian and the Equator.  Sadly not at the same time.

I've straddled the Greenwich Meridian many times, most recently on 27 June in London.
15 06 27 London Greenwich and Pride (5)
I do so love this London view.
15 06 27 London Greenwich and Pride (6)
The last week I was in Uganda and was very much hoping I'd get the opportunity to visit the Equator, having only ever flown over it before which I consider "not doing it properly".  I suppose it's like saying you've visited Mongolia because you flew over it once.  Anyway, I thought my chances were slim when our itinerary took us to an island in Lake Victoria for a few days limiting any opportunity to wander off to bag the Equator for real.

Time was tight for our journey and we had driven straight from our meetings in Kampala.  Never before have I been so inappropriately dressed for a sea journey.
15 07 15 Boat
The sea was pretty choppy (up to Sea State 3) due to strong winds which meant we had to hang on.  My work clothes soaked up the spray quite nicely ;-)
15 07 15 Boat too
As we were travelling my colleague decided to check our latitude.  It was then that we realised we may actually be in the boat long enough to cross the line.

Oooh - we're going to make it!
15 07 15 Boat north of equator
YES - equator crossed. A happy geomatician indeed.
15 07 15 Boat south of equator
Indeed, Bulago Island.  Nearly 02' south of the Equator.
Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 17.13.29
On our journey back we'd briefed our skipper to stop at the Equator so we could bag it 'properly'.
15 07 16_2 Return to Entebbe (2)
This was as close as we got with the boat's Garmin (lat/long in bottom right hand corner) but I don't think there is need for any further evidence that I've crossed the equator twice.
15 07 16_2 Return to Entebbe (4)
The sea was a lot calmer (Sea State 1) so far easier to get the Ruth-on-equator photo shoot.
15 07 16 Boat back
The problem with these trips is that each time I cross something off my geo to-do list the next challenge appears on the horizon.  So guess what I now fancy doing?  Yup - visiting where the Equator and the Greenwich (or rather, Prime) Meridian cross.  Think I'll need a bigger boat for that.
Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 17.21.39

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