Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Language of GIS

I have recently started an MSc in Geographic Information System (GIS) with UNIGIS. It seemed a great idea at the time and I'm enjoying studying a subject I actually enjoy. I'd forgotten how much fun learning could be.

The looming essay deadline is a little less fun.  My lounge carpet is covered with GIS papers ranging from the simple "What is GIS and What is Not?" to "Geographic information science as a multidisplinary and multiparadigmatic field" to the slightly more head-scratching "Modelling accessibility using space-time prism concepts within geographic information systems".  I'd always considered myself quite intellectually capable but words such as epistemologies and disjunctive are new to me.

My head is full of 'spatiotemporal', 'object orientated', 'space-time composites'  and my new favourite,  neogeography.  I've also come across the interesting concept of 'feminism in GIS' which I think I'll explore and blog another day.  I've come across definition upon definition of GIS.  Notwithstanding the question "does the S in GIS stand for System or Science?" I've come across Critical GIS (CGIS),  Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) and Participatory GIS (PGIS).

There is a lot to get your head around but it's not going to hurt.  Just make my brain have a decent work out.

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