Friday, 27 April 2007

Great Arc of India

Just been to Hyderabad for a few days with work. I can't help but think of the Great Arc when I travel to India. I loved the book. When I was in Cape Town back in 1994 I came across one of Everest's theodolites. He left one in CT enroute to India and I stumbled across this when Rog and I went to buy a map of Cape Town. Unlike the UK where you just pop into WHSmiths and pick up a lovely OS map, buying a map of the Cape Peninsula then involved a trip to the survey offices in Cape Town. The map purchase was relatively straight-forward but I was just leaving when I turned round and saw a room absolutely CHOCKA with theodolites etc. Can you imagine my enthusiasm? It didn't take long to convince the personnel there that I was really keen to see them (Rog probably mentioned the words 'sad geek') and we were let in. I came across an absolute gem. One of Everest's theodolites!

Anyway, earlier this week I was sitting next to an ex Commander of the Indian Navy talking about hydrography and mapping. We had a lovely chat about the Survey of India.

Just realised some of my RICS colleagues are in Siberia at the moment. They are attending Geo Siberia (as you do). Bet it's not the 41 deg celsius that I had earlier this week! ;)

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KJ said...

You're right, it wasn't 41 degC - but would you believe 24/25 (degC) despite the remains of piles of accumulated winter snow that still existed in places. The Siberians, too, are bemused by the effects of global warming on flowers, insects, and nature generally. There was a view that more snow was likely this coming week.