Sunday, 8 April 2007

Welcome One and All!

Ahem, well it may just be welcome the one (me).

This is my blog for downloading all things vaguely geomatic and, therefore, stunningly interesting in my eyes.

For those blessed not to have already encountered the word geomatics, it basically covers "the discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering of geographic information, or spatially referenced information." More can be found at wiki or on the RICS website 'insight into the profession'. The fact that the latter shows a somewhat old picture of me is besides the point (or a thinly veiled egotistic boost).

News for this week is that walruses are now being tagged around the Arctic using GPS. I also read an interesting article in Hydro International about the Netherlands changing chart datum from MLLWS (Mean Lower Low Water Springs) to LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide).

I must confess up-front in this blog that I'm passionate about vertical datums. It's a kick back to an old project I started at work but there's something about it which 'gets me'. I'm also going to give up on Post One for this blog to sound anything other than geeky. Let's face it. I am.

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John said...

Ok vertical datum gal,

Let's throw some trivia into the mix to make it truly stunningly interesting...

What is reallly the highest point on Earth?