Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Wee Trig Pillar

I should have pointed out on my first post that this is a very light-hearted look at the world of geomatics. OK, I can get as deep and meaningful as the rest of them at times but I also want to make this blog accessible to 'normal' people.

Have just been away sans children with my incredibly long-suffering husband Roger. He has had to put up with a lot over the last 17 years and I doubt if I'm going to give him much let up on the geomatics front. We went to Furzey Gardens today which has no geomatics significance whatsoever. Rog was probably delighted that I left my mobile phones in the car. Peace and tranquility - what more could you want? And then I spotted this!
Is this the smallest trig pillar in Hampshire on record? My camera case gives some indication of scale. OK, no tribrach holes on the top but there was certainly a drilled hole for some resemblance of surveying.

Actually Rog and I were driving back from Brokenhurst to Lyndford yesterday and at one stage he said "do you know where we are?". Stupid question as I'm the maestro of map reading in a car but when I pointed out that the route I'd taken him just 'happened to pass a trig pillar' he burst into hysterics. It must have been a mare to survey, the New Forest. Pretty flat. The trig pillar we passed was a mega 124m about MSL (GR SU244142).

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