Monday, 14 May 2007

Monaco Update

Had a good week in Monaco. Smooth trip, even time for a 5 minute sight-see enroute from Nice Airport.

Conference was in full swing when I arrived. Met up with all those I wanted to plus got to meet a whole new bunch of contacts. Enjoyed the evening reception on HMS ECHO Tuesday evening.

The IHO meetings were very akin to FIG general assembly ones. Best not comment more!

Arrived back Friday afternoon but not very well. Not because of Monaco I hasten to add. Taking some time off work. Now this means I'm either going to go terribly quiet on this blog as I'm not 'doing anything' or I'll be posting every day as I'll be bored and surfing geo-geeky things on the web. We'll see.

Hope (probably in vain) I can make it up to London next week for an RICS meeting and evening lecture on international boundaries but I'll have to see.

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