Monday, 7 May 2007

Off to Monaco we go

Fly to Monaco tomorrow for a few days at the IHO. It's the 17th international hydrographic conference and will be crawling with delegates the world over. I'm providing technical support to my work colleagues out there which basically means I get to have fun whilst they sit in the numerous meetings. OK, when I mean 'fun' I mean talking techie all day long. I'm looking forward to catching up with Steve Shipman from the IHB, Andrew Leyzack, Canadian Hydrographic Service and FIG (oooh, there's a picture of me on that latest link...), Rod Nairn, Australian Hydrographic Service, people from Maritime Coastguard agency, staff from NGA, other US guys I know, some of our contractors and, of course, oodles of companies. I've just downloaded the exhibition brochure - lovely stuff. Really looking forward to being in an environment where I excel.

Staying in the Mirabeau and I've just spotted the pool on the website. Some hope if I get anywhere near it! It's such a golden opportunity to catch up with some many people I'll be chatting non-stop. No change there then.

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