Wednesday, 12 September 2007

RICS Somerset Local Association

Had lunch today with the Somerset Local Assocation of the RICS. The aim of the gathering is to bring a cohort of local businessmen and women together, network and promote the benefits of Chartered Surveyors. There was a good spread of people there such as the President of the Local Law Society, Chairman of the Somerset Cricket Ground, Divisional Director of the Highways Agency Traffic Operations, CEO of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and Director of Planning of Quarry Products. I sat next to someone from Natural England and had an interesting discussion about the role of Natural England (ex-English Nature). I'm particularly interested in its relationship (and overlapping role?) with the Environment Agency.

Natural England "works for people, places and nature to conserve and enhance biodiversity, landscapes and wildlife in rural, urban, coastal and marine areas." The Environment Agency says "It's our job to look after your environment and make it a better place - for you, and for future generations." There's probably an obvious difference. Perhaps to do with legislative power? Can someone enlighten me?

Anyway, scrummy lunch, good to network and back in time to finish my work for the day. Can't be bad! wink

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