Thursday, 5 June 2008

Land XML for dummies?

I was up at the RICS on Tuesday for a Geomatics Executive board meeting. As usual, we got loads done and had great fun doing so. The best meetings are always the ones where you laugh lots - or was it everyone laughing at me....question.

During the meeting LandXML was mentioned. I've obviously heard of XML but not this specific variant - probably because I work in marine rather than the land environment. So I thought I'd find out something about it. I'm not doing too well! The first site I found was this. Now, I'm an intelligent person but, honestly, this really put me off. I didn't know where to start! And this one wasn't much better (paragraphs would help). So where's the page "LandXML for dummies" to be found?

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Ken said...

Wow! What a great example of how not to do it!