Monday, 16 February 2009

Armagh Planetarium

Briefly visited Armagh's planetarium today. I've been there off and on for 20 years and it has come a long way. We didn't have time to see a show but enjoyed the Astropark and the indoor exhibits. ESA have some good 3D films showing - one on Galileo and one on earth observation satellites. I was amused that the Galileo film suggested that when it comes onstream we'll all be able to navigate and locate ourselves precisely using satellites. Which is more-or-less what we do with GPS; which didn't get a mention funnily enough. But who am I to grumble - it's geo-promotion which I'm all for.

I lingered over the small but sweet OSNI exhibit simply showing 3 eras of mapping. And bought a fun book on space for the kids (well me really wink)

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