Sunday, 15 February 2009

I'm Still Here

I have a follower of this blog who texts me if I'm quiet too long on this forum. So best get chatting again...

Random news I suppose.

The Marine Management Organisation has announced it is to base itself in Tyneside.

Google Ocean 5.0 was released to headlines around the world (and even Radio 4 in the UK wink). Google Ocean dives under the sea. Good to see - let's get those survey boats out to get better data.

The Guardian sponsored a debate on 'free our data'. Not surprisingly, only those who were pro it attended.

Snow stopped play for many geomaticians in southern England (no comments please on 'softie southerners, I've heard them).

Satellites collide, and it would just have to be a US and Russian satellite wouldn't it, it so gets the media going.

Will that keep you going for a while?


Charles said...

Just a quick thought - "only those in favour attended" the free data debate? Well, it's interesting to note (if that's true) that that now includes the Conservative Party, which had a shadow minister there. Seems like the group that supports expensive data is shrinking.

Also it wasn't Guardian-sponsored. It was paid for by the Policy Exchange.

Charles Arthur

DCV said...

One tends to find that those supporting a free data initiative have short arms and deep pockets...