Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Oceanology International 2010

A somewhat belated post on my fun geeky conference the other week. I attended OI10 earlier in the month primarily to help out on the RICS stand. As it turned out I'd just moved into a Defence related post at work so spent quite a bit of time on a steep learning curve learning all about mine hunting, oceanographic datasets, environmental data providers and ROVs.

I spent a happy 90 mins on HMS CATTISTOCK learning about mine countermeasures, how the SeaFox works and, of course, the vital cup of coffee with Ops!

On the non-MOD front spent an hour or so on Gardline's vessel, MV Confidante chatting about mulitbeam (I now understand what a dual multibeam system is) and other hydro survey things which I should know but embarrassingly don't. redface

In between the RICS stand, the vessels, the oceanographic lessons on XBTs, CTDs and ADCPs it was lovely to bump into many old friends. It took forever to walk from one end of the exhibition to the other as there were so many familiar faces to stop and chat to.

And only 23.5 months until the next one...

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