Saturday, 21 January 2012

Roger Makes the World Go Round

My husband is quite keen (obsessed?) by Apollo and all things lunarish.  For some reason - educational I think (he's a school teacher) - he decided to make a moon on Friday night.  But you can't have a moon without an earth for it to orbit; and to put its size in context.  So blow me down, it's Friday night and the geo geek in the house is not me for a change.
12 01 20 Rog makes the world go round
We had the world by lunchtime today.
12 01 21 Globe
And the moon shortly after.  The world also inherited a stand on which it spins (albeit tentatively with a lot of tlc from its handler).  And for all those at home who want to have a go themselves - I know you're itching to - the link is here.
12 01 21 Earth and moon
To put the distance in context, the moon should be 3.1m away from the earth.  But then it'd be sitting on top of the cooker and you'd never see it.

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