Sunday, 22 January 2012

Windy Trig

A lovely, easy bag today.  The easy ones are obviously running out and each trig is going to be more of an expedition from now on.  I can cope with that but not sure if my teenagers will be so accommodating.  They are currently bribable with coffee post-trig but I think it may require more in the future.  It won't be long before iPads are mentioned...

Anyway, I present TP4888, Monklands.
12 01 22 TP4888 - Monklands Trig
It was a tad breezy.
12 01 22 TP4888 - Monklands in the Wind


agentmancuso said...


you asked about EXET Active Station on T:UK - I don't have any details other than a note that it was discontinued & replaced by EXMO, so has probably (though not necessarily) been physically removed too.


Ruth said...

So what's this about iPads? ;) Ro xxx