Friday, 16 March 2012

Oceanology International 12

Oh how I love you OI.  I attended 2 years ago just as I'd moved into a new post at work and was pretty bamboozled by all the CTDs, XBTs etc.  2 years on I had learned.  I avoided all CTD, XBT discussions!  No, it wasn't that bad but I had my team in action so knew when to hand over the techie discussions to them.

I dose doed between work and RICS discussions, basing myself at the RICS stand but wandering off at a moment's notice.  Suspect it drove James mad.
12 03 16 RICS stand
Was really pleased to be at the launch of the Hydro Academy.
12 03 15 Hydro Academy launch
This has got real traction. I'm watching this one very closely.

The sun was shining on us at OI so when I wasn't knee deep in discussions (and missing random ex-Commodores who apparently wanted to 'have a word') I slipped out to have a photo shoot of the big, medium and small survey ships.
12 03 16 FS Borda
12 03 16 Altantic Cougar
12 03 16 Predator

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