Monday, 27 August 2012

Flying Nautical Charts

Chart Art

If you can't navigate on them or use them for situational awareness, why not use as art.  A create idea for unloved Admiralty charts.  Love it.  Perhaps I can persuade some of the team to make us some? 

Lives on the Line

The tube map style is used for many types of art.  For example, the tubular fells, UK motorways or this wonderful map of the world, tube style  (just adding it to my Christmas list).  This recent map, lives on the line, is a new way of depicting life expectancy in and around London.  

Sheep Shuffling

And finally GPS has been used to prove that sheep huddle more when faced with a predator.  Now that makes perfect sense.  I think I'll try that, except I don't really look like a sheep.

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