Thursday, 2 August 2012

Washington II

Just a couple of other geo spots on our US vacation.

Visited Annapolis yesterday and came across this wonderful chart store.  Isn't it great?  The only point at which my family rolled their eyes is when I asked if their charts were in metres or fathoms.  Come back in a few weeks as their website will be far better organised, they told me.

Walked up to the historic US centre of power, the Maryland State House.  Imagine my excitement (not my family's) to find this.
12 07 31 Annapolis - State House and BM
12 07 31 Annapolis - Bench Mark5)
Actually perhaps I'm not insufferable as my husband pointed this next bag out to me and suggested we go find.  Unfortuately there is a temporary security cordon in place at the moment so this is the closest we could get to the Zero Milestone.  Wish I could have actually read the inscription.
12 08 01 Zero Milestone - Washington DC

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