Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Newcastle - Must be Time to Sit in the Airport

Have just returned from a full but fun time up at Newcastle upon Tyne University. Had an RICS Geomatics Exec meeting followed by an evening lecture by Mike Cooper. No, he didn't mention hydro (see Monday's post) but gave some interesting examples reaching back to circa 2000 BC re: surveying. He also ran circles around us with his mathematical abilities; or it could have just been me. rolleyes

In between this met up with a PhD student we are sponsoring and chatted to various staff about research opportunities. Decided that I fancy visiting South Tyneside College to use their simulator but I'm sure it'll never happen.

It always lovely returning to my old haunt of Newcastle. Just as well as I usually spend extra hours at the airport biding time waiting for my delayed flight (they even cancelled one once). So sat with the Chair of the Geomatics Faculty and tried to put the geo community world to right. I'm sure we didn't!

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