Thursday, 18 October 2007

Raising the Ratio the Exeter Way

Attended a Raising the Ratio meeting in Exeter today. I haven't been to one of these events before shying away from the all-women type of thing but it was actually quite good, despite the odd moment when I thought we were just preaching to the converted. I can't remember when I was last in a room with 50 women and only a handful of men. Quite nice actually. wink

They had a superb speaker, Sandi Rhys Jones. She has a strong presence and is a successful, measured woman. She has been working in the building profession for over 30 years. She's the type of woman I would love to spend hours and hours talking to: the type of female professional I could use as a role model - they are so few and far between in my arena.

This was a joint RICS/Women in Property event. I don't think I've come across WIP before but it's worth a look. It would be great if I could find myself a female mentor.


Ken said...

And many, I'm sure, Ruth who went away saying the same of you.

constructive_woman said...

I have just found this - really pleased that you enjoyed the Raising the Ratio meeting. Nice warm feeling rapidly overtaken by waves of guilt though - my husband and sons have been nagging me for years and years to do a blog. They even set one up for me, and I have failed to populate it. So very well done on maintaining yours Ruth - and very happy to talk to you any time! Sandi Rhys Jones