Monday, 8 October 2007

Inventor Proves Police Camera Wrong

Well, well, so police cameras aren't necessarily that accurate after all. However, few of us have such good evidence to defend ourselves! For £60 plus £20pm you can own your own Autopoietic Mobile Phone Recorder which will record your speed at any moment in time. What I'm not convinced about, though, is how many speeding fines are incorrect. I've only had one speeding fine and I was certainly driving faster than I should have been! Surely if we drive below the speed limit then we won't get fined? Ah, I live in such a simplistic world wink

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Ken said...

What does that put on the horizon, though? When the government realise that they can use this to monitor everybody's cars (having bought the system from the inventor)speeding without detection will be an impossibility. No need for Gatsos or policemen skulking behind telegraph poles any more. Could be something of a (proper) crime deterrent though, as where we had been would also be known.