Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Flooding in Manchester

Had a great time in Manchester. The Geomatics Exec meeting went well; once we'd all arrived. We were coming from London, Edinburgh, Exeter, Reading, Sale and elsewhere and what with a combination of prior commitments, foul weather and trains meant that it took a while for us to convene. A good meeting though and finished just in time for us to march up to UMIST for the evening lecture.

Richard Groome (Geomatics ) gave a comprehensive and interesting lecture on the Environment Agency's approach to managing flooding. The key is prediction based on planning and modelling. The more he talked the more we realised how complex flood prediction is. It's certainly not a simple case of (a) it rains (b) rivers go up (c) houses flood. His team is responsible for taking the measurements in the Thames area to support the modelling. They seem to use every survey technique going - fascinating.

We rounded off the evening with a scrummy meal. I sat next to Bob Barr and only realised after the event that he's recently received an OBE for services to Geography. Congratulations Bob!

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