Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Trig for John

My brother-in-law, John, bagged a trig on Tuesday. Looks fabulous!

For keenies amongst us it is Doune Hill, TP2817.

Visited Seazone and Quest today. It was my third trip to Seazone and I learn something new each time; however it was my first to Quest. A most interesting company seemingly full of software engineers and mathematicians. I was particularly interested to talk about their surveying/geomatics tools. Food for thought.

In fact, we had plenty of time to think on our return journey as we got caught up in the accident on the A303. As it was bearing munitions we had to make a wide detour and ended up visiting what seemed like most of Wiltshire's villages Sherrington, Boyton, Corton, Tytherington before we hit the Deverills (Longbridge, Brixton, Monkton and Kingston). Lots of lorries on roads that were too narrow for them.

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