Friday, 14 March 2008

Loving OI2008

Have just returned from a fantastic OI2008 conference. I was there representing the RICS. It was a first - it has never had a stand at a marine exhibition before. We had lots of positive comments about how nice it was to see the RICS there (notwithstanding the odd 'RICS bash' which is seemingly inevitable rolleyes).

I flitted between being on the RICS stand and catching up with colleagues and contacts. I talked to University College London, Environment Agency, Gardline, Fugro, UKHO, Quest, Newcastle University, Netsurvey, Seazone, the Royal Navy and the National Oceonography Centre, Southampton. I just love talking shop!

In a spare minute I ran outside to catch the ships on camera. Unfortunately I didn't have time to go on any.sad

More on the vessels here. I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere of OI - it was nice to be surrounded by so many hydrographers and marine scientists. Often at Geomatics exhibitions there is a near total land focus and it was lovely to see boats and buoys ad infinitum.wink

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