Monday, 31 March 2008

Becoming a Surveyor

I heard about this website earlier this month but have only just got around to checking it out. What fun. I liked its unsophisticated approach - nothing flashy, just facts. I enjoyed reading the 'people' section esp as the stories are relevant to school leavers who don't necessarily have their eye on a degree. What needs to happen now is a link between becomeasurveyor and After some months of down-time the website for geomatics is up again but for reasons I won't go into here we haven't got the content sorted.

In the meantime the pointless quiz for tonight is to guess the theme of the wrapping paper I used to wrap my brother's birthday present. rolleyes All will be revealed on 04 April.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Trig for John

My brother-in-law, John, bagged a trig on Tuesday. Looks fabulous!

For keenies amongst us it is Doune Hill, TP2817.

Visited Seazone and Quest today. It was my third trip to Seazone and I learn something new each time; however it was my first to Quest. A most interesting company seemingly full of software engineers and mathematicians. I was particularly interested to talk about their surveying/geomatics tools. Food for thought.

In fact, we had plenty of time to think on our return journey as we got caught up in the accident on the A303. As it was bearing munitions we had to make a wide detour and ended up visiting what seemed like most of Wiltshire's villages Sherrington, Boyton, Corton, Tytherington before we hit the Deverills (Longbridge, Brixton, Monkton and Kingston). Lots of lorries on roads that were too narrow for them.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Enlightened by Ed

Apparently this is the way the OS get their info - by checking out Ed Parsons' website. I'll be downloading and reading the Trading Fund report over the next few days. And, no, I have no idea to what equation Ed is referring. Best get reading eh?

Friday, 14 March 2008

Loving OI2008

Have just returned from a fantastic OI2008 conference. I was there representing the RICS. It was a first - it has never had a stand at a marine exhibition before. We had lots of positive comments about how nice it was to see the RICS there (notwithstanding the odd 'RICS bash' which is seemingly inevitable rolleyes).

I flitted between being on the RICS stand and catching up with colleagues and contacts. I talked to University College London, Environment Agency, Gardline, Fugro, UKHO, Quest, Newcastle University, Netsurvey, Seazone, the Royal Navy and the National Oceonography Centre, Southampton. I just love talking shop!

In a spare minute I ran outside to catch the ships on camera. Unfortunately I didn't have time to go on any.sad

More on the vessels here. I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere of OI - it was nice to be surrounded by so many hydrographers and marine scientists. Often at Geomatics exhibitions there is a near total land focus and it was lovely to see boats and buoys ad infinitum.wink

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Flooding in Manchester

Had a great time in Manchester. The Geomatics Exec meeting went well; once we'd all arrived. We were coming from London, Edinburgh, Exeter, Reading, Sale and elsewhere and what with a combination of prior commitments, foul weather and trains meant that it took a while for us to convene. A good meeting though and finished just in time for us to march up to UMIST for the evening lecture.

Richard Groome (Geomatics ) gave a comprehensive and interesting lecture on the Environment Agency's approach to managing flooding. The key is prediction based on planning and modelling. The more he talked the more we realised how complex flood prediction is. It's certainly not a simple case of (a) it rains (b) rivers go up (c) houses flood. His team is responsible for taking the measurements in the Thames area to support the modelling. They seem to use every survey technique going - fascinating.

We rounded off the evening with a scrummy meal. I sat next to Bob Barr and only realised after the event that he's recently received an OBE for services to Geography. Congratulations Bob!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

MCA on Strike

This is a turn up for the books. Must indicate how frustrated they feel.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Charlie's Angels

Drove down to Plymouth last night for the Geomatics South West AGM (all 5 of us!) and then a Hydro Society quiz night. It was quite a laugh really despite the fact that our team C, Charlie's Angels, came 4th. Out of 4 teams. redface

Back to school for me then.

Off to Manchester tomorrow for the Geomatics Exec meeting followed by an evening lecture on Flooding, Technology and the Environment Agency. I've never been to Manchester before - not sure if I should be getting excited or not.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

MCA and Mother's Day

Not that the two are at all connected I hasten to add...

Visited the Maritime Coastguard Agency on Friday. It was my first visit to their offices and I spent a profitable few hours with Rob Spillard talking all things hydro and geo. I contemplated a visit to the Ordnance Survey with my RICS Geomatics head on but it didn't quite work out as my contacts were out of office. I would have liked to have met some of the TechRICS candidates. Never mind, next time.

Now to Mother's Day. Bearing in mind my girls have to survive their mother and all things geo I thought these bookmarks they made me really cute and geeky!

What more could a geo Mum want? [I did get flowers too I hasten to add wink ]

And to finish the mishmash, a card that I've been meaning to post on this blog for ages.