Monday, 19 January 2009

A Good Turn

Steve Ritchie has donated his collection of hydrographic books to Newcastle University's department of Geomatics (well, school of Civil Engineering and Geosciences). I am delighted as his collection has found a good, safe home where it'll be appreciated.

I'm a fan of Steve Ritchie's no doubt due to meeting him for the 1st time at Hydro02 in Kiel. After I'd introduced myself he asked if I'd read his book, "No Day Too Long". I apologetically said I hadn't yet whereupon he took my business card and promised to send me one. A signed copy arrived a week later.

And when I became chair of the Geomatics Faculty of RICS he sent me a congratulatory card which was very sweet, especially as I know writing and reading are harder work for him now.

Steve, a living legend.

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