Friday, 30 January 2009

What's in a Name?

Our Geomatics Faculty Board, or rather, newly branded Geomatics Professional Group Board, recently had an exchange of e-mails on a meaty Guidance Note. Somewhere along the line someone decided this Guidance Note needed a named author. And the following names ensued. Who said surveyors weren't creative? (OK, need to get out more...rolleyes)

Mr. Theo Dolite
Gunter S Chain
Diane P Level
Edie Emm, our first lady of surveying and her assistant Miss Closure
Mr Mike Roptic and his partner Miss Ally Dade
Tachy O'Meter, the great Irish surveyor - since he retired he now runs an under age drinkers pub, the Sub Tens Bar.

Any more? Go on, you know you want to

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