Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Watching the Marine Bill

The Marine Bill is currently working its way through the House of Lords. It it is in committee and was discussed in the house last Wed, 21 Jan. Insomniacs out there may choose to read the details in Hansard, line by line, blow by blow. Details of its expected progress through Parliament is here. It was back for discussion today so we await with bated breath for the Hansard to be published tomorrow on today's debate today... (my husband thinks I'm terribly sad).


Don V said...

R - Is there anything contentious in the Marine Bill or particularly forward thinking which should have us colonials sitting up and paying attention about? If not I'm going to go back to sleep and pity the poor insomniacs. R/D

Ruth said...

Not that I know of. It makes an awful lot of sense in the main, esp for us an island nation. However, as ever, the devil is in the detail and believe me, the House of Lords know how to get into detail.

You may go back to sleep.