Friday, 9 January 2009

Levelling the Torres Strait

I've a surveying friend who is working in the Torres Strait. Or rather, his company have been working there for a while and when I met him at Hydro08 he was waxing lyrical (or was it hysterical?) about the problems of tidal modelling in the Torres Strait. Now I'm no tidal guru but I know enough from what he said to realise that standard hydro-dynamic tidal modelling was not straight-forward in this area.

So Mr Jammy Don Surveyor has to pop out to the Torres Strait next week to check out the tidal levels. I could think of worse places to visit - he's off to Warraberk, Yam, Mabuaig and Badu.

And where am I next week?

Hemel Hempstead.

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Don V said...

I've never been to Hemel Hempstead - I'm very jealous.

Best regards