Sunday, 17 June 2007

Exeter Trig Pillars

This is very sad. Just hunting on my lovely trig pillar site to see where the Exeter trig pillars are, when I realise I've already blogged one! Yes, the horse trig pillar I found is actually TP5282. Its description of "toppled or moved" is spot on. They don't (yet) have a category for 'adorned with horse head' though. wink

Maybe I could find this one tomorrow? I'm actually Exwick way as I'll be picking up someone for lunch. I've just had a text from a GP (General Practice) surveyor who I met at a conference in Germany. He'll be in Exeter tomorrow and is free for an hour or so. When in Munich I spent my time trying to work out why he liked doing what he does (I've never got my head around GPs) whilst simultaneously giving him a lecture about the limitations of Google Earth. Poor chap!

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Neil said...

Just found your blog while searching for what they are doing to that transmitter not so far from the Exwick trig post you might be looking at. It is all wrapped up and looks really cool (the transmitter I mean, not the trig point). If you do happen to go up there let me know if you see it!