Saturday, 30 June 2007

SDI Africa

Browsing a GIS website tonight and came across this article about a pretty switched on woman. I have travelled more in Africa than any other continent bar Europe and although by no means an expert on any African topic, I naturally perk up when it's mentioned - especially when GIS involved. Kate has a full-on job trying to keep up with what's happening in Africa. I've just signed up to the SDI newsletter. It's absolutely chocka with GIS initiatives that are happening on the continent - varying from monitoring displaced people in West Dafur to GIS for Marine Aquaculture to satellite weather information on a mobile phone. And what's more encouraging is that, in Kate's words, it's only a smattering of what's going on.

The GSDI covers not only Africa so whatever floats your boat on SDI, click here now.

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