Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Couldn't find the trig pillar yesterday sad despite hopping over a few fences, under some barbed wire and through some mud. Where on earth is it?! Arrived to collect my GP friend with soggy jeans from the knees down and squelchy shoes leaving a wet trail wherever I walked. He, meanwhile, was in his snappy suit. All I needed was wellies and a flat cap and he would have certainly thought me archetypal land surveyor wink.

We had a nice chat about why we do what we do. He is writing a dissertation on the risk of private/public partnership (or something gripping like that). He quite likes his job. "But you," he declared looking at me "you absolutely love what you do. It's more than a job for you. It's your passion." (says I writing a geeky blog). He has encouraged me that once I take Chair of Geomatics I must get on the education bandwagon and start telling the other RICS surveyors what we do. "You're actually quite interesting" he commented.

Thought about visiting a trig pillar today as up near Tiverton but too distracted by work thoughts; and then it poured down and my shoes still aren't dry from yesterday!

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Anonymous said...

You surely mean "Rural" surveyor - land surveyors (archetypal or not) don't wear flat caps!