Friday, 22 June 2007

Hydro Surveyors Unite!

Happy (belated) World Hydrography Day!

Spent yesterday up at the RICS with a geomatics faculty board meeting. It went really well and we had a good debate on everything geo such as positioning of invert levels; education awards; sustainability (love that word - means very little!); Galileo; the Marine Bill; Ben Bradshaw; World of Geomatics; Intergeo and whether it would ever come to the UK; the Land Registry; silver medal making; how to promote Geomatics to other surveyors; the NIMSA agreement, or lack of [NB- NIMSA = National Interest Mapping Services Agreement and not this which looks more fun];; FIG in Hong Kong; the geomatics evening lecture series; GeoSiberia and my favourite, why so few hydrographic surveyors join the RICS. A fun day wink

Everyone is quite happy that I delay chair of the geomatics faculty until Christmas which suits me fine.

I'm quite relaxed right now succinctly put in a text I received on Tues from my GP friend "you looked well...acting chilled in a trig bagging mania sort of way". Ah, a woman has to have a bit of fun doesn't she? Off to Amsterdam tomorrow for a wee break. Do you think I'll find one? My girls despair of me.

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